Afrigablok for promoters & developers

Afrigablok, thanks to the Gablok concept, brings efficient solutions to the real estate promoters and developers’ sector. We know the construction sector in Africa intimately and have a clear and pragmatic view of the challenges this sector faces every day.

One of the most critical factors for developers and promoters is construction time. This period is at risk and substantially impacts the developers’ cash flow before the realized properties are ready to go market.


Our Structural Works solution allows a drastic reduction of this period. It will enable developers to reduce their risk while improving the return on their investments, allowing them to realize more projects in the same period.

Through the Gablok concept’s cost-effectiveness, developers and promoters can also increase the size of their projects.

The combination of reduced production time and increased project size helps optimize developers’ revenues and profitability.

Our Structural Works solution also allows developers to position themselves in the very current trend of passive and ecological construction, to which African populations are also very attached. This trend, which is reinforced with the realization of smart cities, considers energy efficiency, which is one of the many significant assets of our solution.

Afrigablok offers optimal flexibility in the design and realization of any construction: Bungalows, villas, semi-detached houses, single-story houses, multi-story buildings, etc…

Developers and promoters attach paramount importance to building safety. Here again, Afrigablok supports them by having the structure of its buildings certified by a world-renowned design office.

Afrigablok produces the construction elements for the structure but can provide different finishing levels according to its customers’ demands. The developers, therefore, retain total autonomy in determining the scope and selection of their usual contractors.