Afrigablok for contractors

A construction team carries the Gablok concept and its implementation on the African continent by Afrigablok. That means we understand the concerns of the construction sector as closely as possible. The constraints of management, training, and productivity are facilitated mainly by using this new Structural Works innovative concept.

The production workforce requires a relatively low level of skill, which reduces training and personnel management costs.

The standardization and industrialization of the construction process make it possible to optimize construction time and costs without resorting to specialized workers while maximizing quality.

The rapid deployment on construction sites makes it possible to work with fewer teams or increase the number of simultaneous construction sites, making our solution the essential lever for new profitability.

Our components’ reduced weight allows an implementation that does not require heavy and numerous construction site machinery. This favorably impacts the need for expensive equipment and favors the projects’ rentability and profitability in execution.

These various elements constitute an essential competitive advantage: it added the innovative and eco-responsible image of a contractor working with our products.